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BUG TIMER is out! BUG PANIC updated!

Posted on: December 17, 2010

Hi everybody, it’s MasaKING here.

Time for our second December announcement!!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but it’s finally ready.
Mushihimesama BUG TIMER is available as of today at the App Store!
We’ve also updated Mushihimesama BUG PANIC today, so please remember to update your app.

You might remember BUG TIMER from one of our earlier videos.

This is our first iPhone 3G application, and it’s free!



Ok, so maybe not something to get so excited about. Nyaha…(^^;
But hey! Line up this App with BUG PANIC on your Home screen to link up the icons!

It looks like this:

Go check it out at the App Store!

Next, we’ve got news on an update for Mushihimesama BUG PANIC.  We got a lot of feedback from players “too hard!” “I can’t clear this!””That  f#$@ last boss!”

So we put some thought into it, and decided to add in an Autobomb feature!

If Reco has an Explosive Seed on hand when she gets hit, she’ll use it to protect herself!
*BUT, she’ll lose the seeds she had stored up.

It’s probably easiest to understand in a video:

This will help people get past this point and that point, i.e. some of the harder parts of the game…and I think the game is now a lot easier to clear!

We also had some reports from users about a bug with level 5-2, where the spikes would hit poor Reco no matter where she stood.Fixed!  If you had any trouble there, take this opportunity to give it another try.

Today, to commemorate the BUG PANIC update andthe BUG TIMER release, we’ve put together a Mushihimesama iPhone theme: complete with a Lock screen image and background. I hope you all download this and give it a try! (^^)



To enable the theme…click on the images above, and save them onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

On your device, go to:




Camera Roll->

Select the image and choose “Use as Wallpaper”


That’s it for today!

Dunno if we’ll have a third bunch of news for you this month…I hope so!

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