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Interview with Kenichi Maeyamada!

Posted on: September 22, 2010

Hey everybody, it’s Masa KING!

Did you guys check out the gameplay video the other day?
I’m sure there are people who already know all they need to know about the Hidden Route, and there are probably those who hadn’t heard about it until the video.  Give it a try and see if it helps you boost your score!

I’m a total shooter noob, and here at CAVE that means playing a game with all sorts of peanut gallery comments in the background.

Now then!  We’ve gotten a lot of support, opinions and bug reports (o_o;) from people all over the world, and it’s thanks to everyone that we’ve come this far.   For this blog entry, I’ve done an interview with Kenichi Maeyamada, one of Japan’s most in-demand musicians, who composed the new BGM for Dodonpachi Resurrection’s iPhone mode!!

This is not Kenichi’s first work for CAVE, and in fact he has previously contributed tracks to “CAVE no Uta Black Label” (a special collection of CAVE theme songs put together by yours truly).  Hopefully this will be available at some point for our overseas fans!

I know that the iPhone mode soundtrack was his first experience in game soundtrack creation, so let’s see how it went.

Every time I would get a track from him, it was really exciting and I felt that he was taking an interesting approach with the music.  Of course I recommend all the tracks in the game, but if I really had to pick a favorite, it would be Stage 4.

Alright, let’s get to the interview!

Q1 ■
Which parts of the Resurrection “iPhone Mode” soundtrack are you really proud of, or want people to listen to in particular?

<Kenichi Maeyamada (KM)>
My recommended tracks, huh…well I like them all, but particularly Stage 1’s “The Taste of Flying through the Sky”, Stage 2’s “Rock House”, Stage 3’s “Latin Taste” and the Last Boss 2 track “Euro Pathos” are my favorites!

The Last Boss 2 track has vocals in it, and I liked it so much I wanted to do a whole new cover of it.

<Masa KING>
Oh nice, we would love to see a cover of the Last Boss 2 track, let’s make it happen…
Let me follow up later on that!

Q2 ■
Were there any memorable moments while you were composing the tracks for the soundtrack?

Memorable moments?!
I got really excited and nervous when Shoichiro Hirata, my partner on these remixes and who works at the same office, remixed a track of mine for one of the Hidden Second Loop tracks.   I wound up concentrating intensely and making the tracks for Stage 2 through 4 in one day.

Wow!! In a single day!? That’s pretty impressive.

Q3 ■
Were there parts of the soundtrack that you struggled on?

The tracks would loop in-game, so I knew I had to add in some variations to the same patterns so players wouldn’t get sick of the tracks.  Recently, we’ve seen the name in a lot of different media since you’re a very active musician that doesn’t stick to one genre.

I think you may be sick of hearing this question, but I’m going to ask anyways since I think there are a lot of people who aren’t familiar with you hehe.

Q4 ■
What was your initial motivation for becoming a music creator?

When I realized that “I want to live doing what I want to do”, it occurred to me that making music was what I wanted to do.  I still think it’s the perfect work for my personality.

Exactly! Yes it’s important to live doing what you want to do, and once you have that, everything really opens up doesn’t it?
Ahh, this is what I’d like young people to hear about.

Q5 ■
Are there any places or times where melodies come to you?

Yes there are. It tends to be when I’m walking or in the shower haha.
When something comes to me I record it right to my iPhone.

Nice! Looks like your iPhone is proving useful, even in the shower.

Q6 ■
What jumps out at you as fun when you’re making music?

When I’m producing something by myself, jamming out and dancing to it, haha

Dancing while making music!  I do that too (o_o);

I work a lot with upbeat tunes in my headphones, hehe

Q7 ■
What is your favorite instrument?(Are there any synth styles that you tend to use, etc.)

There’s an explosive sound that goes “Paaaaang!” that I really like.
I use it in almost all my tracks.

Paaaaang! Something to check for in the iPhone Mode tracks.

Q8 ■
What music (or which musicians) influenced you the most?

Yasuharu Konishi, formerly of Pizzicato Five.
He’s the one that taught me that music is all about entertainment.
Even now I still listen to Pizzicato Five like crazy.

Q9 ■
There’s probably a lot of people all over the world that you could name, but are there any composers that you particularly like at the moment?
※ Any genre

Shouichirou Hirata is definitely one of the creators that I most look up to. Also Yusuke Itagaki, who played guitar for me on the iPhone mode soundtrack. It always surprises me how he makes tracks in a way completely opposite from my style.

So we got a secret collaboration with Yusuke Itagaki this time!

Q10 ■
Do you have any favorite (recommended) pieces of gear?

A 64bit PC, haha. The soft synths work beautifully.

Getting right to the heart of it then.

Since I see that you’re famous under another name, as a big game fan…

Q11 ■
Which game genres do you like or are you good at?

RPGs are my favorite. I’ve just always loved leveling like crazy and then going overboard when killing a boss. Personality-wise that’s pretty evil I guess.

Oh I uh, also l-like shooting!
Twinbee and Parodius you know.
However, I always seem to die immediately…

It would be great if this project could lead you to discover the charm of bullet heaven shooters.

Q12 ■
Do you have a favorite game?

Dragon Quest 4 and Final Fantasy 4. These are games which really shaped me as a human when I was young.

Q13 ■
Tell us about your favorite game music.
Definitely Nobuo Uematsu’s FF, Koichi Sugiyama’s DQ and Kenji Ito’s Romancing Saga!

Q14 ■
What are you up to on your days off?

Shopping, food, walks, massages…
Basically my patterns are just like any other reader of
anan magazine.

I thought you were a real out-and-about type, but it seems that you live a pretty relaxed life.
I like the part about your patterns being based on anan magazine, haha.

Q15 ■
Do you have anything that you really treasure?

Well I’m shy about it, but definitely my fans. Whether I’m recording as Maeyamada or Hyadain (Note: his alternate producer name), there’s no replacing the support I get from all my fans.  Ok, now I’m embarrassed.

<MasaKING> You really value your fans.
CAVE is the same way.

Q16 ■
Do you have any news which you would like to let people know about?

I’m working on an anime called ”Mitsudomoe”,
with some idols and have some other releases in the works.
Also, under my pseudonym Hyadain (ヒャダイン), I’m very active on Nico Nico Douga, so come check me out there.

Thank you very much for the interview.
We look forward to the next time we see you!
Good luck on your upcoming projects!

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