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Thoughts on our Supreme Trailer of Utter Annihilation (by Masa KING)

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Hey everybody! It’s Masa KING.

Japan is right in the middle of summer and it’s hot everyday!

We just announced it on twitter: but today we are releasing the second PV for Dodonpachi Resurrection!

This trailer boils down all the exciting new features of Dodonpachi Resurrection for iPhone and iPod touch, so don’t miss it!

★Dodonpachi Resurrection for iPhone:
Masa KING’s personal highlights!★

Number 1!

iPhone Mode

In our first game “Espgaluda II”, we brought you the touch-based “Awakening Pulse”.

For “Resurrection”, we’ve built a new “SM Mode” system, in which you’ll switch between “S” SLAUGHTER and “M” MENACE as you smash your way through the world of Dodonpachi!

The SM system also features a new ultimate attack “Spin-spin-pachi Resurrection!!” (© MasaKING) “Uh…what the &$?%!” Ok ok, you’re probably all upset, but we’re very serious here, at least I am!! (=^_^;=)

Err…just give it a try and you’ll figure it out!  I’m sure you’ll come to love it.

The official name is: “HYPER CANNON Supreme weapon of utter annihilation!

Number 2!

We have redone the arcade BGM exclusively for iPhone Mode. All of these tracks are brand new!

The maestros behind the wheel are the sought-after young composer Kenichi Maeyamada, and Shoichiro Hirata who has composed a wide variety of game music and delivered some great hits here in Japan. Our overseas players probably haven’t had the opportunity to check out Dodonpachi Resurrection’s soundtrack, but now you can enjoy two completely different versions of the music!

I hope everyone gives the new BGM a spin.

Number 3!

We’ve included three difficulty settings so that everyone from beginners to core shooter fans can enjoy the game!

We’ve also included a Practice Mode.

You can customize every mode of the main game in several different ways! Anyways, play the game until you fingers hurt and destroy your friend’s scores!

In our next blog entry, I will let you all know when the App will be available for download. Our dev team is working hard even in the middle of this summer, so rest assured the game will be lots of fun!

That’s all for today!

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