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Here’s our report on the CAVE WORLD (Japan-side) user survey!

Posted on: July 13, 2010

Hello everyone, it’s me, Masa KING!

We mentioned that the blog would be irregular,but this update really is late…sorry about that! (o_o);;

Here are the Japanese-side results of the user survey we conducted for Espgaluda II here at CAVE WORLD.
Results from our overseas survey will be in the next post, so keep reading!

I’ll leave what everyone is anticipating for the very end! For now I’ve carefully selected some highlights that I think you all might be interested in!

[Question 2] Do you play games on your iPhone3G, iPhone3GS or iPod touch?

Most respondents to this question indicated that the range of prices that they pay for games was slightly expensive, from 300 to 600 yen.

Regarding the price of “Espgaluda II”, most people said that a price of 1000 yen was fair, which we were happy to hear. We appreciate it!

[Question 3] Tell us some of the genres you play (multiple selections OK).

The most common responses to this question were the following:

1st Puzzle Games

2nd Action Games

3rd Role-playing Games

It seems that genres which are easy to play in a short amount of time are the most popular.

Alright, skipping ahead a little bit…

[Question 17] Please tell us how you felt about “Espgaluda II”. If there are any things you wish were included in it, or hope to be included in a future patch let us know.

We got a huge response for this question!

We were impressed at how much people love CAVE, love the games and seem to know more about them than I do!?

We will be taking this feedback into consideration for future game development.

[Question 27] Are there any game genres that you would like to see CAVE try on the iPhone?
[Question 28] Do you have any ideas for future items that CAVE should put out for our online festivals?

We also had a lot of feedback for this question, and we will take what everyone suggested for new CAVE-related goods and gear into consideration for future Online Festivals and Events! W-w-we’ll do our best!

“That’s it!?” Yes it’s ok, we heard you! Don’t worry.

[26] Tell us which CAVE games you would like to see ported to the iPhone (multiple selections OK).

Wouldn’t you know that this was the most popular question.

Alright, here are the rankings for games that you want us to port to the iPhone/iPod touch!

1st Dodonpachi Daioujou

2nd Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu

3rd Dodonpachi

3rd Ketsui ~Kizuna Jigokutachi~

As you can see, the Dodonpachi series occupied the top rankings, and tied with Ketsui at #3.

Dodonpachi do-do-doing well!! Now then, the ranks below that were:

5th Mushihimesama Futari

6th Mushihimesama

7th Espgaluda


9th Deathsmiles

10th Deathsmiles II

…and that’s the top 10!

So OK!!! Now we have to talk about what’s next right?

Let’s spill the beans a little bit!

Actually it’s written right there!

It’s already in development!

It’s working!

We can’t say when it will be going on sale just yet though, sorry! (o_o);;

Please hold on for a little bit longer!

We’re working on a little something that should give you all a nice surprise.

See you next time!

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