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Hello this is Masa-King from CAVE WORLD.

I know I haven’t updated the blog for long period of time.

I can sense that some of you guys were wondering where I was…

I have important announcements to make today.


As I mentioned on twitter, CAVE World (EN) will be shut down on February 28, 2014.

I appreciate all your support and following CAVE World (EN) on Twitter.

The latest information will be made by cavegames on twitter in Japanese.


Due to the decreased opportunity to release news on the blog, CAVE WORLD blog will be closed on February 28.

The latest information will be updated on production blog (blog by promotion staff) in Japanese.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your many years of support.

Hi all, it’s Masa KING at CAVE WORLD here.

I know I recently updated the blog but…
urk, oh wait I haven’t updated it in 2 months! (-_-);

S-sorry folks!!

Alright now, as I’m sure you’re already aware, October has been a brutal release rush for CAVE WORLD!
Every week has been a real rush (^^;

News #1

We released the high-definition version of Espgaluda II, Espgaluda II HD, this October 13th.

Along with the release of the HD version, we also dropped the price of the iPhone/iPod touch version, and released two budget split versions of the game: Arcade Version and Smartphone version.

I hope you’re enjoying the HD version! If you haven’t checked it out yet, borrow an iPad2 from a friend and fire it up!
In particular I hope you dig the new BGM by Kenichiro Fukui and KAY!
For more info, here’s a link to the iPad2 version download:

For those playing the iPhone/iPod touch versions, don’t forget to update to check out the new BGM!

For those on the fence, or people who want to recommend the game to their friends, we’ve got the split versions at a lower price just for you.

News #2

This October 20th, we launched two titles folks have been waiting for simultaneously for Android: Espgaluda II and Dodonpachi Resurrection!!
We also dropped the price of Dodonpachi Resurrection for iPhone/iPod touch along with the new release!

I know that people in Europe and the US are waiting to get their hands on the Android versions, but we are getting them ready right now so please bear with us for a bit longer.

We have our first Android apps out now in Korea and Japan!

I know we’ve got a few Korean players who read the blog, so I hope that you’re enjoying the Android versions!
Keep in mind that different versions function differently depending on your device, so definitely download the LITE version to get started and make sure the game runs like it’s supposed to.

We’ve already had some inquiries on Twitter about which devices are compatible and which aren’t, and unfortunately we’ve had to remove devices from our compatibility list on which the game doesn’t run well. Sorry about that!

News #3

The Deathsmiles Halloween sale is on!

For this Halloween weekend only, we’re running a sale on DLC items for Deathsmiles iPhone/iPod touch!
Take this chance to pick up a stronger weapon and fight your way through Hard Mode! Or boost your luck to find rare items!

・We’ve got discounts on the following DLC items!

Princess Umbrella, Princess Crown, Princess Dress, Princess Heels, Continues +5


Hamaya Arrow, Blissful Death, Resurrection, Golden Horn and the EVAC Unit

     $2.99/€ 2.39⇒$1.99/€1.59

Lucky Charm


Special deals just in time for Halloween!
    ・Continues +5 for half off! Get that extra boost you need to clear the game.
    ・Raise your luck and find helpful rare items! The Lucky Charm is now only $.99/€.79!

Pick up items that you haven’t collected yet to finish off your Jigsaw Puzzle and unlock an awesome original illustration!

*There are regional differences for the sale’s starting time, so please confirm price before purchasing.

Whew, what a long post!
I know there are people out there wondering “hmm…maybe there’s a new announcement coming soon…?”

We’ve only got two months left in the year…

Yep, yep

I think I might have some news next month!
Stay hyped, stay tuned!

Our team is doing our best to bring you the best in smartphone games!

Thank you for your support!

Salutes to all! It’s your CAVE WORLD producer, Masa KING.

We just finished with our Ustream live broadcast (mostly in one piece) and that’s a relief. I’m sure that for those who checked it out overseas, you stayed up late or got up early to watch us. Thanks for that! What’d you think?? As always we’re flying by the seat of our pants over here ・_・;

The original plan was for a pretty simple broadcast but one thing led to another and we wound up talking your ear off!

Hehe. Thanks for tuning in.
For those who couldn’t check the stream out, you’re always free to watch the archives which are available at CAVE WORLD.

Check out the stream archive here, and the live blog archive for all the action.

Now for the main attraction of our broadcast: Deathsmiles’s big update!!

New Feature #1 Costume Change

⇒Fulfill certain in-game conditions to unlock extra costumes for Tiara!

Try to collect them all!

New Feature #2 Jigsaw Puzzle

⇒ Pick up puzzle pieces by collecting equipment in-game. Connect them all to unlock an illustration by our Deathsmiles iPhone artist, Yukinatsu Mori! Pick up all the pieces and put together the puzzle!

New Feature #3 New Equipment Added

Some of the long-time CAVE players should be very familiar with this weaponry!
They are DLC items but…according to our development staff they’re very powerful! Give them a try in-game!

*Keep in mind that you can still clear the game without DLC items, and they will not impact achievements, costume changes, the jigsaw puzzle or anything else.

New Feature #4 Screen Layout Changes

We had a lot of feedback on Twitter and facebook asking for these features, so we went ahead and put in some more options! You can change the screen layout and move the game screen to the left or the right as you like.

For people that were having issue with their fingers getting in the way while playing, this is a good option to try out.

We also put in the screen rotation function due to popular demand!

BUG FIXES #5    

We also fixed some bugs with this update. There may be an issue or two held up in the application process, but we’ve squashed as many as we can.

And one last feature! A secret technique!!

I made a big deal about it on the stream but for people that have been with us since Dodonpachi Resurrection, you probably already have an idea right? That’s right!! We’ve hidden a certain song inside Deathsmiles…but you’ll have to find it kekeke…

Here’s a hint:  “Flash flash?! Tap tap!

If you take a real good look around the stage select screen after the update, you should figure it out! Give it a try!


Did you guys see this on the USTREAM broadcast? We put together a stylish wallpaper for your iPhone as a present to celebrate the release of this update! This wallpaper has both a lock screen and home screen image! Download it and let Princess Tiara rule your iPhone!

↑ Lock Screen Image

↑ Home Screen Image

To use it…

First save the wallpaper to your iPhone or iPod touch

⇒    Go to settings
⇒    Wallpaper
⇒    Head to your Camera Roll
⇒    Select the image and set it as your wallpaper


Next, CAVE’s hugely popular social game Castle Creator is coming to smartphones!

*Currently, Castle Creator is only available on Japanese cellphones.

Travel to medieval Japan to team up with these super-cute samurai characters and build your own bustling castle town! Once you’ve got your territory built, you’ll be able to skirmish with your friends and allies!
Build your mini-empire, trade, attack and expand!  

We’ve also got a slot machine version of Castle Creator coming to iOS as well!

We’re going to be showing off our two newest apps very soon!

We’ll be holding a big event all about Castle Creator on August 14th (SUN) at Akihabara’s Belle Salle in Tokyo. There will be a free play corner for people to try out these two games. It might be a bit far for our overseas fans, but if you’re on vacation or live here anyways, think about coming down!

Event Name:

Shirotsuku Matsuri:      3 Million Troops in the Summer
                                               しろつく祭り 300万人の夏の陣 in 秋葉原

And more….

The soundtrack for Mushihimesama BUG PANIC for iPhone/iPod touch soundtrack is coming! We are thinking about making the soundtrack available for our overseas fans, so hold on a bit for the details. Experience the adventure again with this soundtrack! Pick it up and enjoy!

And for our final announcement, we saved the best for last!!



Espgaluda II HD Version 

In production now! Awaken in HD!! Much more information at CAVE WORLD in the days to come!!

Whew! That was a long blog entry…but hey we’re doing our best to live up to your expectations! Take care of yourselves in this hot summer, and keep checking CAVE WORLD for the latest information!

That’s it for today!

Hi everybody, it’s your CAVE WORLD producer, MasaKING.

I’m very, very sorry for the long wait! We’re finally ready!! We’ve got about 10 hours until release*!
* Please note that release timing varies with region!

Deathsmiles for iPhone/iPod touch, out in mere hours at the App Store!

Are you prepared?” (Resurrection-style)

Here we go!” (BUG PANIC-style)

Now play with me, or pay the price!” (Tiara…(o_o);)

Today is just another rushed, frantic day at CAVE. Business as usual!

(Recently people say I whine too much…)

After all, I told everyone I’d be doing a blog post out of nowhere today and now I’m really causing some hassle to the staff here…tahaha

Now then! Did everybody check out our USTREAM broadcast the other day?!


Simultaneous English Liveblog archive

We got a lot of support and questions from our overseas fans, which I was really happy about.

Since we’re still not used to the whole USTREAM thing, unfortunately our archive starts about 10 minutes into the actual broadcast. I have to apologize for that. Next time we might put some subtitles on the stream itself so that English speakers can check it out.

Oh…and then there was my horrible cosplay. Eheh…

We’ve also put together a shorter version? of this broadcast with me playing the game in my usual casual (or just plain awful) playing style.

I think there’s probably more detail up at the USTREAM archive, but definitely take a look and get mentally prepped for Deathsmiles…
Er, I wonder if this video will really help anyone? (o_o);

What do you think? Do you feel prepared yet? I think everyone will say they learned more from the USTREAM broadcast…

This happens with every release we do, but I’m both excited and nervous! This moment is always the happiest and the scariest, it’s a moment when our staff is rewarded for their hard work, and it almost brings me to tears (for real!)*.

*MasaKING is always shedding tears of pride, alone in the shadows!

I can see folks all over the world enjoying Deathsmiles in their houses, on their commutes and in all kinds of situations! I know that you’re gonna have fun with it! Now don’t get too wrapped in the game that you cause an accident or anything ok??

Plus I’m sure we’ll have lots of opinions and discoveries about the game?! Maybe some bugs as well…

Anyways we’re eager to hear your feedback, so please get in touch via Twitter!!

Our official Twitter is right here!

Now I’m not sure if we can live up to everyone’s expectations, but we will be updating Deathsmiles in the near future! And I do believe we’ll be doing another USTREAM broadcast. More details at a later date! Until then: enjoy playing Deathsmiles on your iDevice!

You’ll find it for sale at this link starting July 7th! 

Hi everybody, it’s your CAVE WORLD Producer, Masa KING here.

We’re sorry it’s been so long since our last update!
Thank you for your patience!

Did you get a chance to check out the new promotional video we put up yesterday for Deathsmiles iPhone/iPod touch?

I have to apologize to those who have waited so long for news on the project, it seems that our visit to Gilverado will not quite make it by Spring…

On behalf of the development staff, we’re “do-do-doing our best!“, so please stay tuned for more information.

For those who haven’t checked out the trailer yet, it’s right here!

Deathsmiles has been published on the Xbox360 in both North America and Europe, so I think you might be familiar with the story and gameplay. With the iOS version of Deathsmiles, the big attraction will certainly be “iPhone Mode”!

① Princess Tiara is Here!


Some of our Japanese fans may be familiar with Princess Tiara, but for those overseas, let me explain a bit more:

Tiara first appeared on the third installment of the Deathsmiles Drama CD series, and she is the granddaughter of the Gilverado queen. This is her first time appearing in-game!

On the Deathsmiles Drama CD, Tiara’s aspirations of becoming a magic-user led her on a misguided hunt for “magical crystals” hidden within the Ice Palace, entwining the Angels in a slightly calamitous adventure.

A few months after the chaos of the “magical crystals” had settled down…
a new original story unfolds for Tiara.

For iPhone mode, we’ve recruited manga artist Yukinatsu Mori, who currently draws and writes “Tama-san” for Manga Time. He’s handled the character designing and scenario writing this time at the strong recommendation of Junya Inoue, who penned the original character design and world setting for the Deathsmiles series.

Mori-san has drawn new designs for Windia, Casper, Follett, Rosa and Sakura, so definitely check out what he’s done with these characters.

② New BGM for iPhone Mode

For Deathsmiles iOS, Takeshi Miyamoto from CAVE (Muchi Muchi Pork, Pink Sweets) handles the soundtrack.
He’s composed his tracks with an orchestral flair, which give new life to the Gilverado we know and love! I hope you’ll dig it!

③ Power up Tiara with Equipment and Items!
Using equipment and items found in the game’s shop, as well as items hidden throughout the game, you can power up your princess to take on the demons of the otherworld.

These progression features give iPhone Mode a different feel from Arcade Mode, and let you build a unique and powerful princess in your adventure through Gilverado.

● Use Gold obtained by defeating enemies to buy equipment at the Shop
● Grab items located in stages
● “Banish” bosses to unlock items
● Pick up special items added periodically to the Shop!

And lastly, about that release date…we’re sorry for all the delays!
We’ll be announcing the release date soon on our official site (, so definitely stay tuned for more information!!

That’s it for today…

Hi everyone! Masa KING at CAVE WORLD here.

CAVE offers its deepest condolences to victims of the Tohoku earthquake disaster in Japan.  We hope for the safety of people in the area affected by the earthquake tragedy and a rapid restoration of services.

People overseas are probably aware of this, but there was actually another big aftershock last night which gave me a bit of a shock. Shows that you can’t let your guard down!

You might already know since we put out a Press Release yesterday, but in the interest of rebuilding areas affected by the disaster, CAVE has put together a project called “Games Supporting Disaster Victims” to help people in the affected areas.

We hope you’ll help out!

Details on the project can be found here

Along with the kickstart of this project, CAVE WORLD is also celebrating its 1st Anniversary!
We’ve only made it this far thanks to the support of our fans and for that our team members are very grateful.

Thank you so much!

And in appreciation,

for 9 days, from April 9th to 17th, we will be putting all of our iOS games on sale!

■ Espgaluda II will go on sale when it hits 1000 votes in OpenFeint’s Fire Sale promotion starting today (in a couple hours!!). Download the Game Channel App and vote for us! Details here.
■ All earnings from Mushihimesama BUG PANIC during the sale period will be contributed to charity.

If you need any more information, check out our homepage!

Now…the other day in my blog I wrote “1 year in a flash!”, but thinking back on it I realize that with our first game Espgaluda II, we had an issue where players couldn’t download the game for iPod touch, and there were probably a lot of people who didn’t pick it up for that reason.

At the time we considered a sale as a response to that, but that got dragged out a full year.
I’m very sorry we kept everyone waiting!  I hope you take advantage of the price while it’s up (and recommend our games to your friends).

Our second game was Dodonpachi Resurrection, which I mentioned last time won Best Action/Arcade Game for iPhone in the 2011 Pocket Gamer Awards.

Mushihimesama BUG PANIC was our third game, and was recently updated with the online BUG BATTLE feature which pairs you up with people from (sometimes quite rare!) countries around the world…

Our bonus app “Mushihimesama BUG TIMER” was also downloaded by a lot of folks,

and I had the opportunity to cosplay as “KINGIRO“, “KING Bachi” and “Larsa KING” at some of our events.

It’s been a year of trial and error, but I’m glad that we made it.

We will keep doing our best to keep up with your expectations!

Dodonpachi Resurrection iPhone soundtrack is up at the international store, and they will also be selling some “Charity Sets” soon to help out victims of the earthquake.

You can pick them up starting April 20th (WED) afternoon through April 30th (SAT) 18:00* Japan Time only, for 2,000 yen! *Shipping not included. Check out the shop!

Next time I think I’ll finally be able to divulge some details on our next iOS App “Deathsmiles“! That’s it for today!

Hi everybody, CAVE WORLD producer MasaKING here.

First let us here at CAVE offer our deepest condolences to the people affected by the March 11th Tohoku Earthquake disaster.
We hope for the safety of people in the area and a rapid restoration of services to areas affected.

Since our last update, it’s been awhile since we’ve written on the blog. In the meantime we headed out to GDC, and after the March 11th Tohoku Earthquake and everything that heaped up afterwards we weren’t able to update for quite awhile.

The other day we did manage to put up a major update to Mushihimesama BUG PANIC, did you download it?! I hope everybody’s enjoying the free “BUG BATTLE” mode we put in. I was really relieved we were able to put it out in mid-March like we promised.

When I have time, I’ve been playing against players around the world via GameCenter, and I will be on today as well. We’ve been letting you know on Twitter sometimes, but there are other times when I play without announcing it, so definitely challenge me if you see me!

We’ve sent out Press Releases and let people know in the last video about the update, but our “Dodonpachi Resurrection” was recognized by English Game News Site “Pocket Gamer” as “Best Action/Arcade Game” for iPhone in 2011 in the Pocket Gamer Awards. Receiving this award is definitely a result of all the support we get from our fans. Let me take this opportunity to say thanks.

But seriously, I was pretty surprised!

Now March is about to end and we’re in April, it seems like time seems to go by so quick. And what do you know! Thanks to you all, CAVE WORLD has reached its 1 year anniversary!

1 year from our first iPhone game…time goes by so quickly…TOO quickly…

To commemorate the occasion, we’ve decided to hold a Fire Sale together with OpenFeint on April 8th!
If we can get 1000 votes together, “Espgaluda II” will go on sale from:

$8.99 (America/Canada), £5.49, €6.99 to

$4.99 (America/Canada), £2.99, €3.99

So definitely take this opportunity to vote and recommend the game to a friend. To vote, you’ll need to download the OpenFeint GameChannel app, which is available here.  Hope to see the votes come in quick so we can put it on sale! Voting starts April 8th!

I think I might have some other news for you next week…
We’re working hard on our next game “DEATHSMILES“, so stay tuned.

That’s it for today…


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